GRANT NICHOLAS (FEEDER) - 'Tallulah' - BST Hyde Park, London.

GRANT NICHOLAS (FEEDER) - 'Tallulah' - BST Hyde Park - Video Interview with Mark Taylor

Feeder founder and frontman Grant Nicholas talks to Mark Taylor following the band's opening set at the Great Oak Stage on the final day of this year's BST Hyde Park festival headlined by Robbie Williams.

Grant reveals that long-serving (since 2009) Feeder drummer Kirk Brazil is now a member of Robbie's touring band so he may have put in a good word for the band.

With forthcoming tour dates in Asia, he speaks about his love of all things Japanese. He also talks about the new album 'Tallulah' and the inspiration for the songs as well as the title and the artwork. Grant also reflects on the sad premature passing of original drummer Jon Lee in 2002.








VIDEO: 'Fear of flying':

VIDEO: 'Youth':


00:00 - What it was like playing to a festival crowd. Grant points out that Karl Brazil, Robbie Williams' current drummer, played with Feeder for two years and recorded the last four albums with them and might have put in a good word for the band. And the mix of bands on the day (Keane, Texas, Black Eyed Peas) is a bold combination that you wouldn't expect for a Robbie show. It was sold out.

02:00 - New album 'Tallulah' is released on 9th August 2019. Named after his wife's best friend's daughter, who is a real character. Also, having children of his own has changed his outlook. Also worked with artist called 'Rugbad', whose striking artwork fitted the name perfectly.

03:40 - Two songs played 'Fear of Flying' and 'Youth' and they stand-up well with the band's catalogue. Grant reflects on this aeroplane apprehension, given forthcoming live dates in Asia, including the band's debut gig in Singapore, en-route to their Japanese dates.

05:40 - Japanese music has developed so much, it's harder for Western bands to get a promoter to support tours over there. Plans to do serious shopping while in Asia including the record shops.

07:07 - Memories of early London club gigs such as Camden in 1996 on Kerrang’s Twister Tour 'Nightstar' and 'The Crazy Gods of Endless Noise'. The band were all wearing orange boiler suits and bassist Taco had his hair all-up inspired by Japanese photographer Midori on a shoot.

08:49 - Longevity of Britpop era bands down to having great songs, like Blur.

09:40 - Reflection on loss of former drummer Jon Lee, who committed suicide in 2002, having played on the first three albums which Grant still considers to be the most inspirational period of the band's history.

12:05 - Forthcoming dates include a small number of summer festival shows, with a tour in November to support the new 'Tallulah' album (released on 9th August) on new digital label 'Believe', also partnering with Townsend for physical (D to C) media distribution.

13:12 - Most memorable festival performance - Reading around 1997/1998. Their breakthrough single 'High' being released. FujiRocks in Japan also has great memories over the years from multiple performances.

14:03 - Wrap-up

Photography by Jeff Moh.

Photography by Jeff Moh.

Mark Taylor