The Rolling Stones. Festwiese at Stadtpark, Hamburg - Germany

The Rolling Stones deliver a timeless show of raw energy and hot licks.

By Mark Taylor.

82,000 fans were here the witness the first show to be held outdoors at the Stadtpark in over 28 years for the opening night of the No Filter tour, which saw the indestructible Rolling Stones back with a new stage set complete with visual screens which dwarfed our ageless heroes. 

All eyes are on Mick Jagger as he introduces himself amongst a sea of red lights and the tribal rhythm, the rest of the band follow and take their positions as Sympathy For The Devil kicks into life.

At 74, Jagger defies his age in his tight fitting black trousers and glittery silver jacket. Using all the length of the stage and ramps throughout the show; constantly swinging his hips and high hand clapping to the beat. 

Charlie Watts keeps a tight but loose rhythm at the rear. In front of him, Keith Richards stays mainly rooted to the spot with a constant smile while the youngster at 70, Ronnie Wood is not far behind Jagger in the energy stakes. 

Digging into their bluesy roots with covers of Just Your Fool and Ride 'Em On Down, The Stones also added some rarely performed golden nuggets such as the devilish acoustic stride of Play With Fire and the dirty jive of Dancing With Mr D. By request, Under My Thumb was a glorious groovy ride and a highlight of the evening.

With a cheeky reference to The Beatles, Jagger was happy to point out that Hamburg is a good place to start a musical career! 

Paint It Black and a rousing Honky Tonk Woman was followed by a couple of Keith Richards solo numbers including the drifting Slipping Away. 

The funk was out for Miss You which included some more impressive shapes from Jagger. Brown Sugar tasted so good and (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction ended the main set on a europhic high. 

Encores saw backing vocalist Sasha Allen use her large lungs on an empowering Gimme Shelter and embraced by Jagger on its finale before a bopping Jumpin' Jack Flash sent fireworks into the night sky. 

A textbook show from the greatest rock 'n' roll band on earth. 

Paul Davies