Madonna, Bangkok Impact Arena, Thailand

Madonna bangs Bangkok with her theatrical rebel heart show.

By Mark Taylor.

A long-awaited visit for Thai fans as Madonna made her maiden voyage into Bangkok with a spectacular show that pushed the boundaries of sex and religion. A stunning display featured breathtaking aerobatics from her dancers and many costume changes that still makes Madonna the hottest Material Girl on the planet. 

Madonna made a grand entrance, she was lowered in a cage locked with spears as an army of Samurai soldiers menacingly paraded the stage with crucifixes held aloft. Uncaged, Madonna goes from iconic to self-confessed Bitch, I'm Madonna one of many from her latest album Rebel Heart. Off comes her cape to reveal her in thigh length boots as she grabs a Flying V-Guitar and walks out onto the arena length walkway to supply the metal riffs to Burning Up before scantily clad nuns join her for Holy Water which segues into Vogue. 

The show is split into four quarters to allow for costume changes and change of environment.

Madonna returns in fifties chic to stride on a car bonnet for the joyous romp of Body Shop, then bringing out the ukulele for a stripped down True Blue. She gets Deeper And Deeper to those towards the back by climbing a spiral stairway with an athletic dancer for Heartbreak City which sees our lass make a heart-stopping leap to the ground for the bouncy Like A Virgin.

Devilish matadors abound on Living For Love before the flamenco embrace of La Isla Bonita. Later, Madonna puts on the Ritz with a jazzy intro to Music and phones shine in the night for her cover of Edith Piaf's La Vie En Rose.

Despite being on foreign soil, Madonna cannot contain her excited use of profanities declaring "We're here to bang Bangkok, all this talk about 'Kok is making me feel horny .....and thirsty.", even inviting up a local girl for a playful game of ping-pong, but not in the conventional sense for Unapologetic Bitch. 
The Queen Of Pop, at 57 years of age, still oozes with sexual lust and fitness. 

Long may she reign on her golden throne.

Paul Davies