Counting Crows with support from Alison Krauss at Blues Fest O2 Arena, London

Counting Crows take flight on a night of nostalgic classic numbers.

By Robert M Corich.

Beautiful tunes, excellent musicianship, and skilful delivery from one of the most respected singers in her field, Alison Krauss delivered a beautiful set that only suffered because of the cavernous venue she was performing in. Had I not been as close to the stage, I would have lost much of the impact of her luscious tones.

The cavernous O2 Arena was totally the wrong environment for Alison, and her talented band, to deliver their intimate personal set. Sadly, several of the songs came across as rather lacklustre; this is just the type of venue a musician like this should avoid.

Headliners, Counting Crows, owned the stage from opener Mrs Potter’s Lullaby and frontman Adam Duritz didn’t let up until the waving hands of the departing band had disappeared behind the backstage curtains to the echoing sounds from Holiday in Spain.

Duritz delivered a vibrant and entertaining commentary between song; he kept up much of the clever rant while the band played on. I should have hated what can sometimes be described as ‘American Diatribe’ within a flowing song structure, however, Duritz and his band held the audience in the palm of their hands for most of the show.

Excellent delivery from beginning to end, and with classics like Mr Jones and A Long December soaring into the upper echelons of the stadium, excited a sated crowd leaving everyone happy. This is a band well worth witnessing live and tonight was no exception.

Robert Corich