Arielle - The Water Rats, Kings Cross, London.

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By Andy Rawll.

ARIELLE – Water Rats, Kings Cross, London – 23/8/19

Performing as a power trio, this was an excellent showcase and a three-headed assault on the senses by a musician already in her second decade of performance.

The evening featured songs from her catalogue of eight releases, with the enticing slow blues of Devil’s Disguise, from 2018’s EP ‘Mind Lion’, highlighting her sweet soulful voice. The surprisingly grungy grit of Wanderlust revealed exactly why Texan tone-master Eric Johnson lent his licks to the studio version as Arielle’s smoky lead playing took flight.

The perfect pop of Genie’s Outta The Bottle, drawn from the latest Suspension/Dimension, revealed a maturing songwriting talent that is already valued in Nashville and beyond.

Her surprisingly groovy cover of Clapton’s Change The World was winningly musical. Yet, above all, it was Arielle’s guitar that seduced, swooned and soared with the assured black velvet Texan strut of

Voices In My Head. This prefaced the fiery Satch-like instrumental Take II that had the crowd ‘Surfing With The Arielle’ as she rode the warm wave of acclaim from those assembled.

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With a new EP planned for early 2020 to coincide with the release of the new guitar, her current two-tone success looks set to transform into blazing technicolour.








VIDEO: ‘Genie’s outta the bottle’:

VIDEO: ‘Change the world’:

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Andy Rawll