Scott Gorham of Black Star Riders - EXCLUSIVE interview.

Scott Gorham EXCLUSIVE interview.

Legendary guitarist Scott Gorham in conversation with Mark Taylor about 'Another State of Grace' the fourth album by Black Star Riders (released on 9th September 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records).

Gorham reveals the background to the latest line-up of the band, including new guitarist Christian Martucci and how the new collection of songs came together under new producer Jay Ruston, as well as his creative relationship with frontman and band co-founder Ricky Warwick.

He also reflects on his legacy from playing alongside Phil Lynott in Thin Lizzy and the influence of the band's recognisable Celtic sound and harmonising lead guitars on other bands over the years.

The new album will be available on CD, vinyl and vinyl picture disc. There's also limited-edition releases of a boxset and a light green vinyl LP. A video for the title track is now on-line, check-out the YouTube links below:


01. Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down

02. Another State Of Grace

03. Ain't The End Of The World

04. Underneath The Afterglow

05. Soldier In The Ghetto

06. Why Do You Love Your Guns?

07. Standing In The Line Of Fire

08. What Will It Take?

09. In The Shadow Of The War Machine

10. Poisoned Heart

BLACK STAR RIDERS consists of Ricky Warwick (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Gorham (lead guitar) and Robert Crane (bass) along with recent additions Chad Szeliga (drums) and Christian Martucci (lead guitar).









VIDEO: 'Another State of Grace':

VIDEO: 'Ain't the End of the World':

Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace album cover.

Black Star Riders - Another State Of Grace album cover.


00:00 - Intro

00:22 - Choosing Jay Ruston as the producer for the new album

02:30 - The Celtic sound of the title track

03:32 - New guitar player: Christian Martucci; audition and creative input

05:42 - Writing process, mixing old and new methods of collaboration

09:48 - Comparing writing styles between Ricky Warwick and Phil Lynott

11:34 - The evolution of the band's identity with Ricky

13:29 - Recent performance of 'Black Rose' at the Steelhouse Festival in Wales

14:42 - Perspective on lesser-loved albums, like Chinatown and Renegade

15:18 - Views on changing ways of listening to and buying music

16:18 - What's it like watching another band play your songs

17:38 - Thoughts on the passing of Philomena Lynott

19:45 - New wave of bands, influenced by Thin Lizzy, including the now-reformed 'Grand Slam'

21:15 - Collecting guitars and other memorabilia

23:05 - Forthcoming tour, picking support bands and set-list composition

25:09 - Thoughts of the future. Maintaining health. Golf

27:09 - End

Location: Gibson Brands, London

Interviewer & Questions: Mark Taylor

Camera & Production: Andy Rawll

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Mark Taylor