Traffic. The Studio Albums 1967-1974.


The Studio Albums 1967-1974

(Universal Music)

By Paul Davies.

One of Paul Weller's favourite bands, Traffic traversed a wide range of musical styles from psychedelia (Hole In My Shoe, Heaven Is In Your Mind), jazz groove (Pearly Queen, Feelin' Alright), folk (John Barleycorn, Forty Thousand Headmen) and progressive (Roll Right Stones, Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys). All of which are collected here in this snazzy set of vinyl releases.

As timeless and fresh as the day they were recorded, Steve Winwood's voice is as ageless as these recordings remain. It's mind-boggling to hear a band evolve and expand their musical repertoire as much as the highly influential Traffic did during this seven-year period.

Presented in their rare 'first' Island pressing form in gatefold sleeves, also included is an original facsimile promo-poster for each album.

As accessible as an open door, once heard all of these classic albums are never forgotten.

Paul Davies