The Pretty Things - S.F. Sorrow boxed set.

The Pretty Things.

S.F. Sorrow.


By Paul Davies.

This lovingly curated hard-hitting psychedelic rock opera still packs a sonic punch like a hypnotic Bridget Riley designed boxing glove of smashing songs. Being its 50th-anniversary, this 4 album vinyl box set collects the original recording, non-album singles and a 1998 Abbey Road recording of the entire album featuring Dave Gilmour and Arthur Brown. 

Squeezed into spare time recording sessions at Abbey Road when The Beatles weren't about, and produced by The Beatles' engineer Norman Smith, S.F. Sorrow still remains a gleaming gem of a somewhat overlooked concept album. 

Originally released in the same week as The Kinks' Village Green Preservation Society and The Beatles' White Album, S.F Sorrow didn't have the record company backing muscle that these former R'n'B hard men fully deserved for an album of outstanding quality songs.

This has now been rectified. Put the needle into the groove and let these trippy songs take you on a magical, musical journey of re-discovery.

Paul Davies