Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The Anthology 1970-1998.

Emerson, Lake & Palmer.
The Anthology 1970-1998

By Paul Davies.

This carefully chosen selection by Progressive music torchbearers for a now resurgent genre is an essential career spanning distillation of the mighty spirit of this original supergroup. 

Captured over 4 LPs, all mastered at half-speed to enhance audio quality, is a judicious choice of fan favourites and finest recorded moments by a band who, whilst being one of the most commercially successful bands of the mid-70s, took musicianship to acute levels of mastery.

As well as being pressed on 'galaxy effect' vinyl, tracks from all of their key album releases are included from their eponymous debut to 1998's Then & Now by way of Tarkus and Brain Salad Surgery; all revealing the evolution of their audio pyrotechnics

A perfect primer for new fans and a worthy collectible for the already initiated by a musical juggernaut whose power and precision still cuts the mustard and is given new life in this comprehensive audiophile set.

Paul Davies